A Day in the Life: Communications Consultant

A Day in the Life: Communications Consultant was originally published on Vault.

My role on the Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) team as a Communications Consultant is to spread awareness of I&D initiatives and share the importance of inclusion to the 40k+ Humana associates across the country. It's important that we inform our associates of the significance of diversity and how it ties to the reality of our workplace, community and our members.  At Humana we understand that diversity can drive the innovation and insights to fuel our competitive edge and create business value. We are taking significant steps to create a culture of inclusion, which will maximize the potential of our diversity.

Day in the Life

8:00 AM: Log on to my computer to view my schedule for the day. Check and respond to emails. Work on any last minute issues/projects before my meetings.

9:00 AM: Meet with HR Communications partners to discuss upcoming I&D publications. We started a new internal web series to educate and promote awareness to Humana associates about monthly heritage celebrations as a means to celebrate diversity year round.

For the month of November, we are promoting National Caregiver Month in addition to Humana's Corporate Social Responsibility Month. Last year, we launched the Caregiver Network Resource Group to help Humana understand the hardships that are encountered with being a Caregiver. This group has helped our Caregiver team in developing resources, helpful tips, and a caregiver portal for our members.  

11:00 AM: Meet with Veterans Network Resource Group (NRG) leadership team to discuss upcoming Veteran's Day festivities. They are in the process of coordinating Humana teams in Veteran's Day Parades across the country. In past years Human’s CEO met with the White House and made a commitment to hiring 1,000 veterans. 

12:30 PM: I check the news at Diversity Inc. and other diversity sites to stay up to date on I&D related news.

1:30 PM: I&D team meeting to discuss our recent I&D Days that just wrapped for the year. Twelve market office locations participated and sponsored a day to celebrate I&D.  These celebrations proved to be successful in creating a space for associates to learn about and grow an appreciation for each other's cultures. By doing so, we are building bridges across differences and will help foster greater inclusion.

3:00 PM: Facilitate call with diversity stakeholders to review updates on requested information for external I&D communications. Over the past few years the I&D team has made tremendous strides in building an inclusive workplace and we will be able to show the impact of those efforts in this report.

4:30 PM: Check emails and Slacks, respond to messages, and prepare for meetings for the next day.

5:30 PM: Head to the gym and hope my trainer takes it easy on me!