Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission Opens Internship Applications

Our Keystone Summer Internship Program is designed to provide preprofessional training to students interested in pursuing a career in history, historic preservation, or museums. We created this program to be an integral part of our interns’ academic training, and students are encouraged to seek credit. Each Keystone Summer Intern will work directly with a Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission (PHMC) staff mentor on a specific project or projects and will also learn about PHMC’s multiple functions though educational and networking opportunities. Interns will also have regular opportunities to reflect on their own experiences within the broader context of the challenges and possibilities of public history. Keystone interns will receive a formal evaluation at the conclusion of the internship and will be asked to provide feedback to PHMC on their experience.

Keystone Summer Internships are in-person internships available in a variety of locations, including PHMC’s headquarters in downtown Harrisburg and at PHMC sites and museums along the Pennsylvania Trails of History. Please visit the NEOGOV Internship Site to learn about and apply for specific internship opportunities.

By Maeghan Myers
Maeghan Myers Graduate Student Assistant