11 Best Data Analytics Bootcamps [2022 Career Guide]

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Data analytics is among the most sought-after roles in tech, with LinkedIn showing 164,000+ open positions today. Enterprises across industries and locations are hiring for various data analyst positions. Yet, there are not enough qualified data analysts to fill them all. As a result, professionals looking to build a career in data analytics are looking for alternative models of gaining these skills. One of the most successful alternative models of learning data analytics has been the bootcamp.

In this blog post, we list the best data analytics bootcamps available today. We also discuss the features of these bootcamps, what to keep in mind while choosing one, and how to make the most of it after joining.

What Is a Data Analytics Bootcamp?

A data analytics bootcamp is a short, intensive training program to give you specialized skills in the field of analytics. A good bootcamp is career-oriented, teaching you in-demand skills, offering an opportunity to learn through practice, and helping you make a smooth career transition. A typical bootcamp lasts anywhere between eight weeks to 12 months. Most of them can be completed part-time while pursuing a college degree or holding a job.

Best Data Analytics Bootcamps

There are dozens of data analytics bootcamps available today. Across curriculum, instructors, hands-on projects, industry relationships, job support, etc., each data analytics bootcamp offers a unique combination of features. We’ve curated the 11 best data analytics bootcamps below, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.


Best Data Analytics Bootcamps - Springboard data analytics career track


  • Career Karma: 4.6
  • Course Report: 4.64
  • Switchup: 4.69
  • Average: 4.64


The Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp is a comprehensive foundational training program in data analytics, designed in partnership with Microsoft. It offers not just the technical skills needed to become a data analyst but also the foundations of structured thinking, problem-solving, and logical reasoning, in addition to career coaching and job guarantee. It can be completed entirely online and part-time over six months if you invest 15-20 hours a week. At this data analytics bootcamp, you’ll get:

  • Comprehensive data analytics curriculum
  • Several hands-on assignments
  • Two industry-standard capstone projects
  • 1:1 mentorship with weekly calls with your mentors
  • Career coaching to help you with job-readiness
  • Job guarantee

Best For

The Springboard data analytics bootcamp requires students to have at least two years of experience with MS office, design, or programming tools. So, it is best suited for professionals who have some business experience and seek to move up the ladder in data analytics.


best data analytics bootcamp: Ironhack


  • Career Karma: 4.4
  • Course Report: 4.83
  • Switchup: 4.86
  • Average: 4.69


The Ironhack data analytics immersive is a practical program geared towards providing you with skills in Python, SQL, Tableau, and statistics. It can be completed in 9 weeks full-time or 24 weeks part-time. In addition to a prep course, it includes three modules.

  • Module one covers Python, data wrangling and cleaning, APIs, and web scraping
  • Module two includes inferential statistics, probability, and business intelligence fundamentals
  • Module three introduces you to popular algorithms, machine learning workflow, supervised and unsupervised learning
  • You will also undertake practical assignments to apply your skills throughout the course

Best For

It does not have any prerequisites, making it suitable for beginners, professionals, entrepreneurs, and career transitioners. However, based on the nature of the curriculum, this program might be useful for those who foresee a career transition towards becoming a data scientist.


best data analytics bootcamp: Thinkful


  • Career Karma: 4.8
  • Course Report: 4.55
  • Switchup: 4.65
  • Average: 4.66


Thinkful offers an online data analytics bootcamp with options to learn full-time with a cohort or self-paced independently. If you choose the full-time program, you’ll invest about 50 hours per week for four months. Each week, you’ll attend live interactive lectures and 1:1 mentoring sessions from Monday-Friday. However, you’ll need to complete a 4-week prep course before getting started. You can also take the Thinkful data analytics bootcamp as a part-time program over six months. With this option, you can schedule your learning based on your needs, investing 20-30 hours a week on average.

Irrespective of whether you take it part-time or full-time, this program covers an introduction to analytics in business, storytelling, MS Excel, databases, SQL, Tableau, and basics of Python. It also includes 1:1 mentorship, career coaching, and a job placement guarantee.

Best For

The full-time data analyst bootcamp is best for those who can invest 50 hours a week on a 10am-5pm schedule every weekday. If you cannot do so, choose the part-time course instead. Both courses expect you to have some familiarity with data and numbers. You can try out the beginner-friendly practice exercises available on the platform to gauge suitability.


best data analytics bootcamp: BrainStation


  • Career Karma: 4.4
  • Course Report: 4.7
  • Switchup: 4.73
  • Average: 4.61


The BrainStation data analytics course is a live online training program, which means that classes are coducted at specific hours/days. However, you do have the choice between weekdays and weekends.

Its curriculum includes units on data preparation, analysis, and visualization. You will learn data collection, cleaning, problem-solving, MS Excel, data analysis, database schema, SQL, presentations, dashboards, Tableau, and MySQL. As part of the course, you will make your own portfolio project, which you can showcase during your job search. On successful completion of the course, you will also receive an industry-recognized certificate.

Best For

This bootcamp is best for beginners and experienced professionals alike. However, intermediate Excel skills can be helpful.


best data analytics bootcamp: Dataquest


  • Career Karma: 4.2
  • Course Report: 4.76
  • Switchup: 4.85
  • Average: 4.60


Dataquest offers two data analytics paths—one with Python and another with R. Both programs provide foundational skills in statistics, probabilities, machine learning, Git, SQL databases, etc. in addition to skills in Python or R. It offers several foundational modules before moving on to advanced techniques such as data cleaning and web scraping in R. With Dataquest, you can also handpick individual courses like data cleaning, web scraping, etc., and put together your own bootcamp.

As part of this program, you will write code and answer practice problems. You’ll apply your newly learned skills to complete a guided project and build your portfolio. On successful completion, you’ll receive a certificate as well.

Best For

This program starts with fundamentals and builds slowly, making it best for beginners. It is also suitable for those who are looking to change careers or enhance their skills for the next promotion.

This career path is for individuals ready for a career change, data professionals looking to enhance their skills for the next promotion, and college students who want a massive head start in their data careers.


best data analytics bootcamp: CareerFoundry


  • Career Karma: 4.5
  • Course Report: 4.67
  • Switchup: 4.49
  • Average: 4.55


The CareerFoundry Data Analytics Bootcamp is an 8-month training program designed to teach the skills, tools, and processes you need to start a career in the field. You can complete this bootcamp in 5 months at 30-40 hours/week or in 8 months at 15-20 hours/week. This beginner-friendly program doesn’t require any experience or skills in analytics or technology. In addition to a project-based curriculum, it also offers mentorship, career services, and a job guarantee.

Best For

This data analytics bootcamp is best for beginners or students looking to develop analytics skills while working on their job or college course. If you’re unsure of your suitability, you can also take the 5-day short course to get an experience.


best data analytics bootcamp: Berkeley


  • Career Karma: 4.7
  • Course Report: 4.22
  • Average: 4.46


Berkeley Online Data Analytics Boot Camp is a 24-week online program offered by the continuing education branch of the University of California, Berkeley. The course curriculum is broken down into modules for:

  • Intermediate Excel
  • Fundamental statistics including modeling and forecasting
  • Python programming and libraries
  • Databases
  • Front end web visualization including HTML, CSS, dashboarding, Javascript etc.
  • Business intelligence software such as Tableau
  • Advanced topics such as big data analytics with Hadoop and machine learning

The program includes hands-on projects and offers career services. You will also receive a certificate from UC Berkeley Extension, after successfully completing the course.

Best For

This program doesn’t require any programming experience. However, it is best for those who hold a bachelor’s degree or have at least two years of experience in business, management, finance, statistics, or a related field.

Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo


  • Career Karma: 4.4
  • Course Report: 4.41
  • Switchup: 4.56
  • Average: 4.45


Coding Dojo is a 12-16 week data science bootcamp covering data science and machine learning with Python. Unlike other programs on this list, Coding Dojo’s is a data science bootcamp, covering decision trees, random forest, k means, hierarchical clustering, gradient boosting algorithms, deep learning frameworks, and other machine learning models.

This program offers live lectures, code reviews, TA support, student support, and 24×7 cohort access. As part of the program, you will also complete projects that can add to your portfolio.

Best For

As a beginner-friendly course, this does not require any background in coding, statistics, or data science. So, it is best suited for fresh graduates or professionals looking for a change in their careers.




  • Career Karma: 4.2
  • Course Report: 4.56
  • Switchup: 4.52
  • Average: 4.42


Simplilearn’s data analyst bootcamp, in collaboration with IBM, covers the breadth of the field, including tools like MS Excel and Tableau, programming languages such as SQL, R, and Python, data visualization, statistics, and predictive analytics. This program includes masterclasses and hackathons conducted by IBM and over a dozen real-world projects. It also offers electives in PowerBI, SQL, R for data science, etc.

Best For

This bootcamp is best suited for beginners and professionals with any educational background. It helps if you have an analytical frame of mind.

General Assembly

General Assembly


  • Career Karma: 4.5
  • Course Report: 4.33
  • Switchup: 4.29
  • Average: 4.37


General Assembly’s Online Data Analytics Course is a 1-week accelerated program that can also be taken part-time over ten weeks. Classes are conducted in-person across various campuses and online. The curriculum includes lessons in data collection, cleaning, analysis, and visualization. You will learn to use Excel, SQL, and Tableau to perform industry-standard data analysis. As part of the program, you will also get to work on portfolio projects, individualized instructor support, and access to a global network of alumni.

Best For

The 1-week accelerated program is best suited for someone who is an entrepreneur or works in a small business and needs a quick understanding of data analytics applications. If you learn better through in-person lessons or in small groups, this program is right for you.




  • Course Report: 4.1
  • Switchup: 4.6
  • G2: 4.4
  • Average: 4.36


DataCamp offers two data analytics bootcamps, one each with Python and R programming languages. The Python program is made of 17 courses with 66 hours of lectures including intermediate-level Python, data manipulation and analysis with Pandas, and visualization with Matplotlib/Seaborn, relational databases in SQL, etc.

The R program is made of 19 courses with 77 hours of lectures including intermediate R, data manipulation and analysis with dplyr, and visualization with Tidyverse/ggplot2, relational databases in SQL, reporting with R Markdown, etc.

Throughout the course, you will take up interactive exercises to practice your skills. You will also work on hands-on projects in various libraries, on real-world datasets, solving complex business problems.

Best For

This program does not require any coding experience, making it suitable for students, fresh graduates, and career transitioners.

How Do You Choose the Best Data Analytics Bootcamp?

There are dozens of data analyst bootcamps, and each program is unique in its curriculum, mode of delivery, expected commitment, mentor relationships, etc. To make the most of your experience, you need to choose the best data analytics bootcamp for you. Here’s how.

#1 Curriculum


The most important part of choosing a data analytics bootcamp is the curriculum. Gaining industry-ready technical skills and developing familiarity with tools and best practices is critical for success as a data analyst. However, many hiring managers we speak to tell us that most job seekers who have technical skills fail to impress on structured thinking and problem-solving. This means that your data analytics program must teach you more than just technical skills. Check the syllabus for analytical and behavioral skills it teaches. Make sure that the tools and technologies you learn are in-demand today.

#2 Instructors

As a rapidly evolving practical field, data analytics must be taught by practitioners. So, make sure that the program is conducted by experienced and expert instructors. Also, check if you have the opportunity to be personally mentored by professionals in the industry. This will help you overcome obstacles and be held accountable in your journey. With 1:1 mentorships and regular phone calls, you will feel connected to the work you do. You can also use this time to ask questions, understand real-world expectations clearly and prepare for a successful career.

#3 Cost

Not all bootcamps are the same. From accelerated 1-week courses to advanced 12-month courses, there is a wide range of them. Some courses expect an upfront payment, while others are offered on monthly subscriptions. In most programs, scholarships and deferred fees are also available. While choosing the best data analyst bootcamp, consider both affordability and return on investment.

#4 Job support

Job support

Bootcamps are typically job-oriented, which means that career services are often a part of the program. However, merely offering career services or coaching is not the same as giving a job guarantee. While evaluating a program:

  • See where alumni have been placed
  • Look at existing collaborations to know whether the program is industry-ready
  • Carefully read the job guarantee terms and conditions
  • Check if they’re offering a money-back guarantee

#5 Reputation

The track record of an online data analytics bootcamp can make or break your decision. Look at bootcamp rating websites like SwitchUp, Career Karma, Course Report, etc., to compare programs based on their ratings. Read some of the reviews to understand what has helped successful students the most. Evaluate if those elements will be helpful to you.

Making the Most Out of a Data Analytics Bootcamp

Once you’ve decided on the data analytics bootcamp you want to join, here are a few things to prepare for before you begin.

How Do Data Analytics Bootcamps Work?

Online data analytics bootcamps are like any training program, except they would have a significant hands-on project component. So, after you join a bootcamp, you will typically be given access to video lectures, program dashboard, community Slack, etc. You will also be assigned a mentor and a career coach to guide you through the process.

Most bootcamps, even if you’re taking them on a flexible schedule, will have a structure and deadlines for submissions. Once you’re enrolled, carefully understand the structure and expected assignments. Get a clear look at your online campus and plan to leverage all the tools to your advantage.

What Should You Expect To Learn During a Data Analytics Bootcamp?

What Should You Expect To Learn During a Data Analytics Bootcamp?

A good data analytics bootcamp will give you three things: Skills, experience, and career transition.

Skills: Prepare to learn the fundamentals of the skills you need. Learn both technical and behavioral skills. Then, apply them to practice, whether in small class assignments or your industry-standard capstone projects.

Experience: Whenever possible, work on projects that you can showcase in your interviews. If you have the opportunity to work as a team, do so. Make the most of the industry projects that are available to you.

Career transition: Throughout the course, think about making a career transition. Explore the career services available. Get their help to build your portfolio, design your job strategy, create your resume, practice your interviews, etc.

What Will the Schedule Look Like?

What Will the Schedule Look Like?

While some bootcamps expect full-time commitment, most of them only need you to invest 15-20 hours a week. This means that you can complete the program, studying over evenings and weekends, while comfortably holding a job or pursuing a college degree during the day.

FAQs About Data Analytics Bootcamps

Are Data Analytics Bootcamps Worth It?

Yes. Data analytics bootcamps are the fastest way to gain industry-ready skills available today. Given the talent gap, kickstarting a career in data analytics will be easier after a bootcamp. Moreover, the best data analytics bootcamps also offer job guarantees minimizing the risks around making the investment.

Are There Any Prerequisites for a Data Analytics Bootcamp?

Most programs are beginner-friendly, so they do not have prerequisites. However, some of the advanced or more immersive bootcamps might require some professional experience, skills in MS Excel, basic programming experience, etc.

Can You Become a Data Analyst From a Bootcamp?

Yes. Springboard’s alumni have found jobs in some of the world’s largest enterprises like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Zoom, etc., after completing their bootcamps. Given the burgeoning talent gap, organizations are eager to hire professionals with the right skills, even if they don’t have college degrees in the field.

In the middle of a global pandemic, it was pretty scary to jump in and start trying to find a new job. So I liked the fact that Springboard had a job guarantee; there’s nothing to lose.

Reagan Tatsch, Data Operations Manager at ISS, Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp Alumnus

Should I Add the Bootcamp to My Resume?

Yes. A reputable bootcamp offers a certificate of completion and can demonstrate that you have the qualification necessary for the job. Moreover, the projects you’ve completed during your bootcamp can add value to your portfolio as well.

Start Your Data Analytics Career With Springboard

The Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp is a comprehensive program designed to give you everything you need to launch your career in analytics. This mentor-led, project-driven program offers more than just technical skills. It offers the problem-solving and analytical skills required to be a successful data analyst.If you’re looking to build a career in analytics, join the Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp now.

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