The Future of Working on Campus – The Advancing Students as Professionals (ASAP) Program

Advancing Students as Professionals

The Office of Career Education (OCE) is excited to share that you will soon see enhancements to Arcadia’s student employment program. Beginning in the fall of 2022, the undergraduate student employment program will be renamed  Advancing Students as Professionals (ASAP). We have redesigned ASAP to transform students into career-ready professionals. During the 2021-22 academic year, we have been piloting ASAP with a small group of campus supervisors and student employees. Based upon the success of the pilot program, we are ready to launch ASAP to all undergraduate students who are interested in working on campus in the fall of 2022!

How is ASAP different from the student employment program we have known in the past?

ASAP will change in two main ways.  First, we will discontinue our placement model, where students are assigned to departments. Instead, ASAP  will mimic a real-world job search process. ASAP will teach students how to apply for campus positions in Handshake, develop a resume, and interview effectively. Students who are returning to a position will not need to reapply for their positions through Handshake.

Second,  ASAP cultivates a supportive supervisor-student relationship and helps students reflect on their career readiness skills.  Student employees will engage in brief, structured career development conversations with their supervisor/mentor each semester. These conversations will allow students to think critically about the career readiness skills they are learning through their campus jobs.

How can I learn more?

Over the summer, students will be added to the ASAP Canvas resource page. Feel free to connect with us directly at for any ASAP or student employment questions.

By Maeghan Myers
Maeghan Myers Graduate Student Assistant