Resources for Native American Employment

Browse these resources for the job search and employment of Native Americans.

“Nativehire was designed to streamline the job search process for its applicants by working with employers who are actively looking to hire Native Americans. This helps the employers meet their TERO ordinance requirements and helps applicants find work on or near the reservations” (

National Congress of American Indians

A list of job opportunities submitted by employers that are American Indian, Native Hawaiian or Alaska Native businesses, governments, or organizations. It also includes opportunities submitted by organizations seeking Native American applicants.

Native People’s Recruit

“Native People’s Recruit area of focus is on employment, connecting viable candidates from urban, rural, universities, colleges, trade and vocational schools, military and veteran communities with outstanding employers” (Native Peoples

United South and Eastern Tribes, Inc.

“Established in 1969, USET is a non-profit, inter-Tribal organization serving thirty-three (33) federally recognized Tribal Nations from the Northeastern Woodlands to the Everglades and across the Gulf of Mexico. USET is dedicated to enhancing the development of Tribal Nations, improving the capabilities of Tribal governments, and improving the quality of life for Indian people through a variety of technical and supportive programmatic services while assisting the USET Members and their governments in dealing effectively with public policy issues and in serving the broad needs of Indian people.”

Native Employment Works (NEW)

“NEW is designed to provide work-related activities to support job readiness, job placement, and job retention for designated Native American service populations and service areas” (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services).

Division of Indian and Native American Programs

“The Indian and Native American (INA) Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) provides employment and training services including educational assistance and job placement to Native American communities. Services are provided through a network of services providers including tribes, tribal colleges and Native American non-profit organizations” (

By Kiersten Borkert
Kiersten Borkert Career Counselor