Employer Spotlight: ArtistYear

Read below about ArtistYear for arts education opportunities. If interested, follow this link to apply.

Do YOU have a passion for the arts and serving communities?
Pursuing a service year in the arts may be the right choice for you!

Why ArtistYear?
At ArtistYear we train & place exceptional arts graduates as Resident Teaching Artists (RTAs) to address inequities in creative learning at K-12 schools across the nation.

What is the role of a Resident Teaching Artist (RTA)?
RTAs represent all artistic disciplines. An ArtistYear AmeriCorps RTA is dedicated to the highest level of artistic excellence, possesses a deep commitment to service, and believes in the artistic potential of every child.

ArtistYear RTAs work alongside a faculty member at their school placement. Each placement relationship looks different depending on the region served, placement school, and the personality match and communication between an RTA and the faculty member they are assigned. An ArtistYear RTA’s role is to enter into a school community and provide arts instruction or exposure where it may be lacking.

RTAs have the opportunity to fill in the gaps in a unique way outside of the parameters of being a teacher or a sub. In addition to providing youth-centered arts experiences each day, RTAs also act as “capacity builders” for a school’s emerging arts program, supporting existing arts specialists or school leadership with arts partner cultivation, arts field trip preparations, and arts resource procurement.

What does service look like?
Once trained, RTAs collaborate with their service site to expand and deepen arts offerings via:

-Partnering with teachers to enhance arts instruction in the general classroom setting.
-Arts Clubs
-Pull-out instruction with small groups of students
-Arts Integration in Core Academic Subjects
-School-wide arts initiatives.

Currently we are searching for Resident Teaching Artists (RTAs) for our 2023-2024 Cohort (Beginning service in July 2023)!

We accept applications on a rolling basis. They will be reviewed in pooled groups on the following dates:

DEC 1, 2022 – 1st Pool Deadline
FEB 8, 2023 – 2nd Pool Deadline
APR 14, 2023 – 3rd Pool Deadline
JUNE 1, 2023 – 4th Pool Deadline

What is an RTA’s role and responsibilities?
As an ArtistYear RTA responsibilities include (but are not limited to) the following:

A full-time (40 hours) service week in a Title I funded school, inclusive of:
Direct teaching and school common-time hours
Communication, meeting, planning, and preparation hours
Student performance or exhibition hours
Full attendance and participation in all training and professional development requirements for school site and ArtistYear
Designing and teaching standards-based aligned arts education that supports school culture and goals, as well as ArtistYear’s standards.
On-time submission of all required timesheets and data collection reports.
Design and execute arts instruction and activities that encourage student social-emotional growth.
Prepare and execute required Community Arts Events (minimum of one per year)
Regular communication, meetings and collaboration with school staff members and the ArtistYear leadership.
Complete required documentation and records for school site and ArtistYear.
Receive and implement regular and supportive feedback from ArtistYear leadership and/or school site supervisor on performance.

Who are we looking for?
We look for applicants who possess the following characteristics:

Dedication to the highest level of artistic excellence, deep commitment to service and belief in the artistic potential of every child.
Aptitude for organization, self-motivation, and problem-solving;
Ability to remain flexible and manage changing priorities and demands on time;
Exceptional judgment:
Interpersonal maturity, compassion, and wisdom;
Respect for individuals’ and diverse experiences;
Ability to work effectively with people of all backgrounds and experiences.
Effective communication:
Easily engages others and demonstrates genuine interest in the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of others;
Comfortable with public speaking, writing, preparing presentations and/or speeches;
Possesses the ability to actively listen.

Where can you serve?
ArtistYear serves in 4 states and 5 regions:

The Borough of Queens, New York
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Sandhills, North Carolina
Denver, Colorado
Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado

What are the RTA benefits?
ArtistYear supports the professional development and personal growth of each RTA throughout the year of service.

These benefits include:
A monthly living stipend of $2,083 (pre-taxed).
An educational award of $6,495 following successful completion of your service year.
Federal school loan forbearance during your ArtistYear.
A stipend to cover health insurance equivalent to the Bronze Level on the Health Insurance Marketplace if not already covered by an existing policy.
Regular professional development/training opportunities in classroom management, child development, teaching artistry, creativity, arts education, and civic engagement.
Mentoring: on-site in your school assignment and through off-site sessions.
Opportunities for external networking within your service community, collaboration with arts professionals, ArtistYear staff, and program alumni.
Obtain critical skills in the domains of communication, conflict resolution, project design, and self-advocacy.
Build supportive meaningful relationships with ArtistYear colleagues and your students through the arts


By Kiersten Borkert
Kiersten Borkert Career Counselor