Employer Spotlight: Temple Teacher Residency

The Temple Teacher Residency prepares individuals who are interested in teaching middle grades or secondary STEM subjects, special education, English or Spanish. TTR is an accelerated master’s and teacher certification program at Temple’s College of Education and Human Development.

1.Residents are paired with a mentor for an entire school year in a Philadelphia classroom
2.Residents earn a salary and benefits during the residency year
3.Residents get a tuition award from the School District of Philadelphia
4.We have a cohort model to provide support and camaraderie
5.We provide extensive hiring support
6.We provide two years of post-grad support

A bit about us: We are a 1-YEAR ACCELERATED MASTER’S program which includes a full-time PAID residency in a Philadelphia host school. During your residency year, you will complete the necessary course work and fieldwork required to apply for your PA State Certification and possibly receive tuition support! In return for the support, our partners ask that you work 3 years post grad in a Philadelphia high need school. You are guaranteed a position during these 3 years and supported throughout the hiring season.

In addition to being paired with a mentor teacher for a fully immersive year-long paid residency experience, you will also receive countless hours of direct support from a university appointed coach and 2 years of additional post gra

Teacher Resident

Click here to apply to the Temple Teacher Residency.

By Kiersten Borkert
Kiersten Borkert Career Counselor