Online Jobs for Students Guide 2023: Here’s How to Earn While Studying!

Being a student can also drain your wallet. While other individuals rely on their parents for their allowances and tuition fees, some people prefer being independent. Well, let’s face it. Being an independent college or high school student is not like a walk in the park. In reality, it’s like you’re going to an unknown jungle; where all you can rely on are the things you know and the resources you have. Luckily, there are some jobs that will accept college and high school students even if they have no actual job experience yet. 

Best Job for Students 

Some dedicated students are accepted as cashiers, waiters, and other similar jobs. However, these works will require too much of your energy and time. This is why online jobs are the best choice for individuals who are studying. Aside from allowing you to finish the work at home, numerous online gigs also let you manage your time. This means that clients will pay you as long as you meet deadlines; you no longer have to work per hour just to get paid. The sooner you finish the work tasks, the better. 

What Students Need for Online Jobs 

Equipment: Basically, most online jobs only require stable internet and a laptop/PC. If you have these two, then you can already start applying for online gigs. But, it would be better if you have a headset with a microphone, as well as a quiet room where you can have complete silence so you can focus more on your projects. 

Skills: As mentioned before, various online jobs accept students who don’t have any real work experience. All they’ll need from you are the skills and knowledge you acquired while studying in high school or college. These include the following:

  • The ability to understand and follow instructions efficiently. 
  • The ability to work without too much supervision from clients. 
  • Has a willingness to learn new skills.
  • Has a positive attitude towards feedback/comments from clients. 
  • The ability to research reliable information via the internet. 
  • Has basic writing capabilities. 
  • Has basic knowledge when it comes to using the computer; must be comfortable working with a computer/laptop. 

Best Online Job Choices for Students

You can find numerous online jobs that are willing to accept students as part of their teams. If you want to have a stable income, then long-term online gigs are the best for you. But, most of these are hourly-contracted works. For those who only need extra money, then short-term online works are your top options. These online gigs just need to complete certain projects. Now, here are the top online jobs that you can try applying for: 

Online Tutor: You can apply for online tutor jobs that match what you are studying; mathematics, English, science, literature, etc. ($12 to $25 per hour depending on your skill level). 

Freelance Writing: You will be asked to write articles and other written content for websites ($20 to $500 per article; depending on the complexity). 

Online Recruiter: Online recruiters are the ones who review resumes and screen applicants. Companies will teach you their hiring processes and the skills they are looking for in applicants. ($20 to $40 per hour). 

These are just some of the online gigs/jobs you can apply for while finishing high school or college. Other at-home works you can try are stock photographer, VO (voice-over) artist, social media manager, etc. Before applying for these online jobs, the best thing you can do is research about them. After that, check all the skills and knowledge you have so that you will not be overwhelmed. Once you are sure that it is the right online gig for you, feel free to apply for it. Good luck! 

By Steph Goodman
Steph Goodman