25 Fantastic Summer Jobs to Consider

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While many people work full time year-round, others have jobs that are only temporary during a particular season. One of the most common seasons for specialty work is in the summer, when many people are out of school or have more time for additional work. Summer jobs can be a great way to boost income or gain a new skill.In this article, we explain what seasonal jobs entail and provide a list of the 25 best summer jobs.

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What is a seasonal or summer job?

Seasonal jobs are short-term positions that often recur every year. While many industries offer seasonal jobs for the winter, fall and spring, summer jobs are the most common. Summer jobs are popular for students, both in high school and college, teachers and other professionals who might have fewer hours over the summer months. Many summer jobs are outdoors or involve summer-specific activities, which is a benefit for those who enjoy working in the sun. They’re also a excellent way to make new professional connections, maintain steady employment and expand your skill set.

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25 best summer jobs

If you’re looking for a summer position to build your resume, fill an employment gap or earn extra money, consider one of these 25 summer jobs:Related:How to Find a Summer Internship

1. Camp counselor

National Average Salary:$39,744 per yearPrimary Duties: Camp counselors oversee camp activities, manage conflict resolution between campers, provide educational lessons and sometimes monitor the campers overnight.

2. Ride operator

National Average Salary:$41,870 per year$10.95 per hourPrimary Duties: Ride operators work in theme parks, amusement parks or water parks and handle the mechanics of the ride, ensure riders follow safety instructions and report any misconduct or issues with the ride to management.

3. Concessions worker

National Average Salary:$29,913 per yearPrimary Duties: Concessions workers often work in sports stadiums or during other major summer events and perform tasks like running the cash register, preparing food and handling customer issues.

4. Car wash attendant

National Average Salary:$50,088 per yearPrimary Duties: Car wash attendants can work at a mechanical car wash where they ensure the car’s safety as it travels through the wash bay or hand wash the interior and exterior of vehicles independently.

5. Housekeeper

National Average Salary:$34,262 per yearPrimary Duties: Housekeeper’s job duties often include regular home maintenance like dusting, sweeping and removing trash and occasional work like deep cleaning appliances or baseboards. Some housekeepers also manage household tasks like laundry and grocery shopping.Related:Learn About Being a Housekeeper

6. Barista

National Average Salary:$28,253 per yearPrimary Duties: Baristas take customer orders, make coffee- and tea-based drinks and serve customers food and snacks.Related: Learn About Being a Barista

7. Lifeguard

National Average Salary:$30,330 per yearPrimary Duties: Lifeguards can work at pools or water parks and must devote their attention to watching the water. They’re responsible for the safety of every visitor to the pool.Related:Learn About Being a Lifeguard

8. Food service worker

National Average Salary:$22,930 per yearPrimary Duties: Food service workers perform job duties like taking food orders from customers, preparing dishes or meals, managing customers at the drive-through and cleaning the dining area.

9. Parking attendant

National Average Salary:$37,703 per yearPrimary Duties: Parking attendants often monitor parking lots, collect money from patrons and report any misconduct to supervisors.

10. Retail sales associate

National Average Salary:$43,169 per yearPrimary Duties: Retail sales associates assist customers, answer questions, keep the products organized, manage the cash register and handle product returns.Related:Learn About Being a Retail Sales Associate

11. Gardener

National Average Salary:$38,739 per yearPrimary Duties: Gardeners, also called landscapers, weed gardens, mow lawns, trim bushes and trees and water or apply pesticides to the lawn and garden as needed.

12. Pet sitter

National Average Salary:$39,246 per yearPrimary Duties: Pet sitters watch pets for their owners while they’re at work or out of town. Duties include walking dogs, feeding pets and performing basic grooming as needed.

13. Delivery driver

National Average Salary:$54,198 per year$13.43 per hourPrimary Duties: Delivery drivers can work for a single business or for a multi-business app. They pick up products or food, deliver the goods to the buyer and maintain their vehicles.Related:Learn About Being a Delivery Driver

14. Intern

National Average Salary:$48,828 per yearPrimary Duties: Interns can perform a number of duties depending on their industry. Many handle tasks like data entry, administrative work and phone and email correspondence.

15. Dog walker

National Average Salary:$32,101 per yearPrimary Duties: Dog walkers take dogs on walks while their owners are at work or unavailable. Duties include safely retrieving and returning the dogs, managing them while on the walk and cleaning up after them as necessary.

16. Computer technician

National Average Salary:$43,729 per yearPrimary Duties: Some computer technicians work for companies that sell or repair electronics while others work for themselves. Common responsibilities include diagnosing computer problems, assisting customers with downloads or updates and performing repairs.Related:Learn About Being a Computer Technician

17. Swim instructor

National Average Salary:$34,658 per yearPrimary Duties: Swim instructors teach people, usually children, how to swim, the importance of water safety and other basic water and swimming rules and guidelines.

18. Tour guide

National Average Salary:$39,795 per yearPrimary Duties: Tour guides perform duties like leading participants through a guided series of locations, answering questions and providing history or information about the site.

19. Referee

National Average Salary:$64,542 per yearPrimary Duties: Referees are usually experts in their sport. They ensure participants play the game fairly by identifying fouls, managing the playing time and distributing penalties.

20. Babysitter

National Average Salary:$57,656 per yearPrimary Duties: Babysitters perform duties like monitoring children while their parents are elsewhere, cooking and serving food, performing basic clean up and ensuring the safety of their charges.Related:Learn About Being a Babysitter

21. Nanny

National Average Salary:$57,656 per yearPrimary Duties: Nannies are often full-time or consistent part-time childcare providers. They perform duties like creating activities for the kids, cooking and serving food, performing basic clean up and ensuring the safety of the children.

22. Freelance writer

National Average Salary:$74,316 per yearPrimary Duties: Freelance writers write letters, essays, articles and other documents for clients. Their responsibilities include researching the topic, writing per the client’s instructions and editing their work.

23. Tutor

National Average Salary:$39,217 per yearPrimary Duties: Tutors assist students with their schoolwork. They create lesson plans, explain topics and guide their students through problem solving.Related:Learn About Being a Tutor

24. Fitness instructor

National Average Salary:$48,516 per yearPrimary Duties: Fitness instructors provide workout support and direction to clients either at a gym, in person or through digital videos.

25. Short-term landlord/property manager

National Average Salary:$59,687 per yearPrimary Duties: Short-term landlords rent out space in their home or a second property for vacationers or temporary visitors. Property managers do the same, but often on a larger scale, either for themselves, a client or a company.

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