Student Spotlight: Chayhok Chhor ’27

In honor of AAPI Month (May 2024), Chayhok shares his career development journey and advice for students seeking career opportunities at Arcadia!

“During my time at Arcadia, I have developed my career experience a lot and I have built a very strong relationship with professors, faculty, and staff here. From being a person who does not even want to talk with people around me to a person who likes to make new friends and meet new people. The Office of Career Education (OCE) at Arcadia is very helpful for me in my job search, decision-making about my major, career goal, and practice interview. I have a few pieces of advice for students especially international students who are seeking career development opportunities while studying at Arcadia, you should use all available resources that Arcadia has provided to you, and ask for help if you feel you need it. “Ask for help. Not because you are weak, but you want to remain strong” (Les Brown). To international students, I know sometimes you can feel lonely or feel that you are not good enough like other people, but you should remember that “Don’t compare a sun to a moon because it shines in different situations”. 

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By Alice Song
Alice Song Career Counselor