Congratulations to e3 Career Action Plan Completers!

Congratulations to all students who completed their e3 Career Acton Plan!

The Office of Career Education hosted the e3 Celebration Event on May 1, 2024. Students who completed their e3 Career Action Plan received their professional development certificates and the special e3 graduation cord! 🎉

Designed for Arcadia undergraduates, the eCareer Action Plan provides an easy to follow, clear, and step-by-step career exploration and professional development program. Students receive incentives (free swag!) by mail after completing each of the plan’s three levels – Explore, Engage and Embark. Along with newly enhanced career readiness, students who successfully finish all three levels earn an e3 professional development certificate to highlight on a resume, and a cord at graduation.

Through the OCE Community Page on Canvas, e3 career actions are displayed in a suggested sequence to make e3 easy for you to follow. But don’t worry about completing e3 actions in the exact order suggested.

Benefits of e3

  • Reduce confusion on how to figure out your career direction
  • Develop skills to stand out in a global job market
  • Explore career interests and learn about career paths
  • Practice interviewing skills, build a powerful resume, and connect with employers
  • Earn swag incentives to move you along after each level
  • Receive a professional development certificate upon completion to showcase on your resume

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By Alice Song
Alice Song Career Counselor