Career Influencers

The Career Influencers Program empowers faculty and staff to infuse career exploration and career readiness activities into their existing work with students. Career influencers are advocates for career exploration, professional development, and career readiness. The  Career Influencers program is a scaled approach to support Arcadia’s mission to prepare students “for a life of scholarship, service, and professional contribution” as well as ensuring students are “uniquely prepared for life and work.”

About Career Influencers

Self-Enroll in the Career Influencers Training Course on Canvas

Click the button below to begin your virtual, asynchronous training. The training should take roughly an hour, and you can break it up into smaller segments as you wish.

Through your participation in this virtual  Career Influencers training via Canvas you will elevate your ability to:

  • Define career readiness skills
  • Put career exploration and career readiness into practice
  • Embed career exploration and career readiness into your pedagogy and programs
  • Become well-versed in career development resources

Meet Arcadia’s Career Influencers

Paul Mita
Oliver Moe

Lauretta Bushar
John Hoffman
Heather Sherman

Deja Edwards

Linda Mascavage
Yanxia Jia
Irina Pogrebivsky
Jodi Roseman
Ellen Skilton
Priscilla-Jeter Isles
Peter Appelbaum
Laura Fitzwater

Marissa Steiner
RaeAnn Topa
Alison Venditti
Travis Hartman
Brett Santos

First-Year Seminars
Keisha Robinson
Global Business
Meg Nolan
Raghu Kurthakoti
Cynthia Planita
Global Engagement
Jessica Doyle 
College of Global Studies
Alyssa Johnson
Alisha Divis

Human Resources
Michele Cygan
Nicole McMenamin
Donna Saunders

Institutional Research
Bridget Miller
Landman Library
Anastasia Rousseau
Michelle Reale

Christine Mullin
Lisa Holderman
Julia Rodriguez

Modern Languages
Gabriela Segal

Physical Therapy
Linda Carney
Lauren Rodgers 

Marianne Miserandino
Katherine Moore
Adam Levy

Student Success
Kathryn Duffy
Lindsay McGann
Cristina Cintron-Marsh
Anthony Reyes
Jennifer Smull
Kay Greene
Holly Green

Dina Pinsky
Jonathan Church

Student Affairs
Lori Andrews

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Resources to Advise Students

Career Influencer Program Testimonials

Peter Appelbaum

Career Influencer
  • Professor/Director of Art Education & Education Studies Programs Arcadia University
Meet Peter >

Laura Fitzwater

Career Influencer
  • Adjunct Professor, English Department Arcadia University
Meet Laura >

Oliver Moe

Career Influencer
  • Coordinator of Student-Athlete Success & Leadership / Athletics Diversity & Inclusion Designee Arcadia University
Meet Oliver >
  • Social Action and Justice Education Doctoral Fellow / Adjunct Faculty Arcadia University
Meet Keisha >

Career Outcomes

The term Student Outcomes refers to undergraduate outcomes within the 6-9 months following graduation, providing a snapshot of Arcadia undergraduates’ success following degree completion. The data is collected through a survey distributed to students at graduation, and again in the months following, along with knowledge gained from faculty, LinkedIn, and phone calls to our graduates, in accordance with national standards. The knowledge rate of outcomes for each class was 86% for the class of 2022, 79% for the class of 2021, 81% for the class of 2020, and 87% for the class of 2019, though response rates vary among colleges and departments.

  • First Destination
  • Top Employers
  • Job Titles
  • Top Locations of Graduates
  • Top Universities
  • Sampling of Graduate and Professional Schools

First Destination

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