Career Influencers

The Career Influencers Program empowers faculty and staff to infuse career exploration and career readiness activities into their existing work with students.

About Career Influencers

The Career Influencers Program supports Arcadia’s mission by training faculty and staff to prepare students “for a life of scholarship, service, and professional contribution” as well as making sure students are “uniquely prepared for life and work.”

Through your participation in this virtual training via Canvas you will elevate your ability to:

  • Define career readiness skills
  • Put career exploration and career readiness into practice
  • Embed career exploration and career readiness into your pedagogy and programs
  • Become well-versed in career development resources



Resources to Advise Students

Career Influencer Program Testimonials

Peter Appelbaum

Career Influencer
  • Professor/Director of Art Education & Education Studies Programs Arcadia University

Laura Fitzwater

Career Influencer
  • Adjunct Professor, English Department Arcadia University

Oliver Moe

Career Influencer
  • Coordinator of Student-Athlete Success & Leadership / Athletics Diversity & Inclusion Designee Arcadia University
  • Social Action and Justice Education Doctoral Fellow / Adjunct Faculty Arcadia University

Advice & News

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