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A Guide to Writing a Personal Statement for Grad School Applications

This article was originally written by Hailey Spinks and was published on Grammarly.

Congratulations! You made it through undergrad, and you’ve decided to apply to graduate school. Grad school can be a great way to progress your career path, upgrade your earning …

By Alice Song
Alice Song Career Advisor
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These companies will help you launch a career and pay off your student loans

This article was originally published on Handshake Blog.

Job listings mentioning student loan repayment benefits are on the rise on Handshake.

Will I make it to class on time after snoozing my alarm? Was I supposed to take out the …

By Alice Song
Alice Song Career Advisor
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What is a Personal Statement for Grad School?

This article was originally published on ETS.

Who are you really? That’s what the admissions committee for any program you’re applying to wants to know, and your personal statement is how you can show them. A personal statement is a …

By Alice Song
Alice Song Career Advisor
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2024 DVEC Scholarship for Education Students – Application Starts Today!

Are you preparing to be a teacher/educator? If so, consider applying for the DVEC Hannah Amgott Memorial Scholarship! This scholarship was created to reward students exhibiting excellence in the pursuit of careers as educators.

You are eligible if:

Applications are …

By Alice Song
Alice Song Career Advisor
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The term Student Outcomes refers to undergraduate outcomes within the 6-9 months following graduation, providing a snapshot of Arcadia undergraduates’ success following degree completion. The data is collected through a survey distributed to students at graduation, and again in the months following, along with knowledge gained from faculty, LinkedIn, and phone calls to our graduates, in accordance with national standards. The knowledge rate of outcomes for each class was 86% for the class of 2022, 79% for the class of 2021, 81% for the class of 2020, and 87% for the class of 2019, though response rates vary among colleges and departments.

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