From June through mid-August the OCE staff will be available on-campus during business hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Our team will be available to assist you remotely on Mondays and Fridays. For assistance during remote days, please contact us at or by phone at 215-572-2939. 

Student Employees

Find information, support, and resources for Student Employees.

Undergraduate Student Employment

Our federally funded program assists full-time undergraduate students determined to have financial need, according to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Your award letter will indicate if you are eligible for employment.

Graduate Student Employment

Graduate students are eligible to apply for the following student employment roles. Contact for additional information about position availability and how to apply.

  • Graduate Student Assistants (GSAs)
    GSAs engage in work that is not research or teaching assistance. This may involve providing routine support to a department, program, or function, such as clerical, administrative, customer service, events, technical support, and project-oriented support.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistants (TAs)
    TAs have teaching responsibility as their primary duty. Duties include assisting a faculty member in grading undergraduate homework and quizzes, providing in-person or email support to assist with student inquiries, supporting and sometimes leading instruction in the classroom or laboratory, preparing apparatus or material for demonstrations, posting web-based materials, conducting tutorials and discussion sections, and supporting students working on projects. TAs may also help develop, update and gather teaching material to support the development of the course curriculum. Administrative responsibilities should be a limited part of this role. Teaching assistantships provide experience in their field of study for graduate students.
  • Graduate Research Assistants (RAs)
    RAs perform research related to their degree program under the guidance and oversight direction of a faculty member or an authorized principal investigator. Their primary duty is to contribute to a program of departmental or interdepartmental research and support the main researchers in performing different tasks that support research activities. These tasks vary based on research conducted and the field but may include assisting faculty members in research and creative activities, developing work plans in accordance with research objectives, assisting in the collection of data, assisting in specialized technical or editorial duties connected to research and creative activities, preparing research reports, and supervising an undergraduate student in research. Administrative responsibilities should be a limited part of this role. Research assistantships provide experience in their field of study for graduate students.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I was recently hired and told I need to complete paperwork. How do I do that?
    Complete the Student Employment – New Hire Form. This is completed anytime any student has a new position. This will let Student Employment know you have a new position and need to kick off the onboarding process.
  • How do I apply to work for campus?
    Email so your eligibility can be reviewed.
  • I was told I’ll need to bring identification if this is my first time working on campus?
    Correct! To complete new hire onboarding you’ll be contacted by our office to see your original documents such as your passport OR a combination of approved I-9 documents. Newly hired students will be sent detailed instructions after completing the Student Employment – New Hire Form.


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