Teaching & Educational Administration

Education Studies Internship: ED 369

This internship course is designed for Education Studies majors and minors. Students work in an internship setting (arranged prior to the beginning of the semester) for a total of 90 hrs (approximately 6 hours per week), applying and implementing education theories in an area of their interest (social agencies, community development programs, higher education administration, school & non-school youth settings, or other professional settings of interest to the student. Students will link academic knowledge to their placements, and develop an action research project that applies methods appropriate to their research questions. Themes relevant to the research component of the course include varieties of educational leadership in formal and informal community settings, human diversity and social justice in cross-cultural contexts, and the social construction of knowledge and ignorance. Assignments include reflective journals, a leadership action place, a site portfolio, and a final action research or grant initiative proposal tied to the internship site.

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