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Internship: Mental Health Counseling 300 hours: PY 631

(Second part of a yearlong Practicum) Practical experience in a counseling setting selected to meet individual career goals. Requires a minimum of 300 hours over the academic year except for some students in the certification programs. Includes a weekly seminar for an entire academic year. This course includes case-based discussions of professional and ethical issues. Requires written and oral presentations including a formal case study. Practicum is done during final year of study. Successful completion of this course is required before the degree is conferred. Prerequisites: completion of a pre-practicum experience consisting of at least 100 hours of documented supervised counseling experience in agencies. (For students in the School Counseling Program, this pre-practicum must be in schools or youth agencies.) In addition, the student must have completed PY 492, PY 493, PY 521, PY 625, PY 572 and PY 586. PY 610, PY 630A or B and PY 620 may be taken concurrently. Students in the School Counseling Program must also have completed PY 501 and PY 502. Matriculated students only.

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