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Senior Seminar 1: PY 490 & PY 491

Capstone course with three components: the seminar, independent research or internship, and a senior thesis. The seminar includes reading and discussion of original literature on selected topics in psychology. Requires periodic seminar presentations and oral reports on research or internship projects. Meets two hours weekly. Students interested in research and who have maintained a GPA of 3.0 in Psychology may pursue an independent research project under the guidance of a Psychology faculty member. Students interested in applications of psychology may pursue an internship. Such internships are served in the community or in the University in activities designed to meet career goals. Requires a minimum of eight hours per week. All students complete and present a senior thesis and poster based upon either their research or a question from the internship. Prerequisite: MA 141, PY 142, PY 221, PY 222, PY 331, PY 332. Under some circumstances PY 331, PY 332 may be taken concurrently. PY 490 is a prerequisite to PY 491.

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