I have had a working relationship with the OCE for a few years, but attending the Career Influencer Training allowed me the opportunity to deeply consider the ideas they discussed as they apply to all of my students. This semester I used my training to pass along more ideas to my students about their future careers. We discussed Handshake in class, and I encouraged students to create Handshake accounts by sophomore year so they can learn more about and prepare for their futures before the future arrives. 

The Career Influencer training provides ideas for every professor to add content to their classes that encourages students to begin thinking about the possibilities ahead of them and to explore those possibilities through the OCE and Handshake.

In addition to being an Adjunct Professor, Laura has 20+ years of teaching experience and teaches the following courses at Arcadia:

  • Composition, Business Writing, LGBT Fiction
  • English Internship class
  • University Seminar on coming out
Work Experience
  • Adjunct Professor, English Department
  • Arcadia University