Tips On Answering Service Based Interview Questions

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Answering Service Based Interview Questions

We spoke with Tara Carlidge, Recruiting Manager at Citi and former Personnel Officer in the U.S. Army, to ask her if there are specific veteran-related questions that candidates should expect to get that a more ‘traditional’ candidate may not get. Here’s what we learned:

First, one of the veteran-specific questions that may be asked is, “How do you translate military experience into this role?” With this question, it is important that you understand the job description and its keywords, as well as the specific skills pertinent to the role. Tie your military experience into this role by relating the role’s skills to those that you expressed in the military. Try to use the job’s keywords to relate back to your time in service.

Second, the question could be asked, “Tell me how you feel your military experience will bring more to the table than someone who has direct experience in the role?” The key to answering this question is drawing on intangible assets from your time in the military. For example, you can highlight your hard-working nature and your ability to work well under pressure into relatively any role. You can also use characteristics such as being committed, loyal and decisive to underline your ability to perform well in the role.

Finally, use specific experiences in the military to explain why you would be a better fit for this role than someone else. For example, you may have military experience directing a large group of people, which shows your ability to succeed in a leadership role under much more pressure than someone in a corporate role.

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