Find information, support, and resources for neurodiverse students.

This community was created to bring together neurodiverse students and community members, and act as a place to share resources, advice, and opportunities for others of similar backgrounds.

The Benefits of Neurodiversity in the Workplace

This article was originally published on Mentra.

Neurodiversity may be every bit as crucial for the human race as biodiversity is for life in general. Who can say what form of wiring will prove best at any given moment?

                                                                                                          – …

By Alice Song
Alice Song Career Advisor
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Neurodiversity at Meta and Beyond: Insight from Shawanna Rouse

This article was originally published on PowerToFly.

Before 2019, Shawanna Rouse only had a hunch that she might be neurodiverse. As a child, she remembers paying close attention to how she moved, spoke, smiled, held eye contact and moved her …

By Alice Song
Alice Song Career Advisor
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Top 10 Careers for Autistic Individuals

Oftentimes, autistic people are seen as a liability by our society. With an 85% unemployment rate, we are perceived as a minority that needs to be “fixed” in order to fit into the larger community. But, with the right accommodations …

By Alice Song
Alice Song Career Advisor
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3 Tips to Find the Right Job as an Autistic Woman

This article was originally written by Amy Cramb and was published on Mentra.

This year, I surveyed just under 150 autistic women about their experiences, traits, and aspirations. What did I find? I found that autistic women are awesome!

​We have several …

By Alice Song
Alice Song Career Advisor
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The term Student Outcomes refers to undergraduate outcomes within the 6-9 months following graduation, providing a snapshot of Arcadia undergraduates’ success following degree completion. The data is collected through a survey distributed to students at graduation, and again in the months following, along with knowledge gained from faculty, LinkedIn, and phone calls to our graduates, in accordance with national standards. The knowledge rate of outcomes for each class was 86% for the class of 2022, 79% for the class of 2021, 81% for the class of 2020, and 87% for the class of 2019, though response rates vary among colleges and departments.

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