How to land a remote summer internship

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An internship is a great way to gain experience in your field of interest and make strong connections that can advance your career faster. With remote work becoming much more common over the past few years, due partly to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are re-thinking what working looks like all together, and internships are no exception.

Remote internships are more available than ever, but as with any internship, they’re hard to get. Landing a remote internship comes down to making a case for yourself as the best person for the job, and there are simple yet effective ways you can do that and ultimately land the internship of your dreams.

A resume goes a long way, but that doesn’t mean you need to have a ton of work experience. A great resume will highlight any relevant experience and emphasize your skills and attributes, so employers know everything you’re bringing to the table. Make sure to include any certifications or special courses you’ve done in school. And perhaps most importantly, include either a letter of recommendation from a professional connection you might have or even a few small quotes from colleagues, professors, and other people who may be willing to endorse you.

If you don’t have those connections in your life, don’t worry. As much as you can sell yourself in a resume format, make it a point to do that in whatever ways possible.

Another critical thing to do when trying to land a remote internship is to make connections on sites like LinkedIn. Find professionals at the company you’re trying to get in with, or even just people who work in your industry, and engage with them. Comment on their updates, send them connection invites and make yourself known.

It wouldn’t even hurt to reach out and inquire about having a conversation with someone you respect in your industry. Ask questions and ask for advice; most professionals would be flattered and always open to the possibility of mentoring and advising.

Along those same lines, make sure you keep up with the company you’re trying to land the internship with and the industry as a whole. If the company in question is holding any public events or attending conferences, try your best to make yourself available to participate in those events. Networking goes a long way, online and in person. When you put yourself out there, great things can happen.

Above all else, you’ll want to apply to the internship with not only a resume but also a thoughtful cover letter. In your letter, re-emphasize your skills and focus on getting across who you are as a person and a professional. This is your chance to let your passion through and sell yourself from the perspective of someone who really wants the opportunity and intends on using it to learn and grow and ultimately make strides in your career.

Remote internships offer a flexible schedule that can be great for those wanting to continue their education over the summer. Studies have shown that education perks are becoming more sought after by employees and some companies are offering designated work hours for learning, which could be helpful for students taking summer courses.

While remote internships are not easy to get, the more you put yourself out there and make your case, the better chance you’ll have of getting one. And given how flexible remote work can be, if you land yourself an internship, you might just find yourself in a position to have a great, career-informing experience on your own schedule.

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— Article by Sean Kelly. In addition to being an analyst researching the latest industry trends for College Recruiter, Sean Kelly also co-founded a nonprofit local news publication in Savannah, GA called The Savannahian.

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