Employer Spotlight: FaSST/Connections

FaSST/Connections (Family Shelter Support Team) is a behavioral health case management unit that provides evaluation, linkage, and coordination of services to individuals and families living in various shelters. FaSST/Connections engaged individuals and families with a history of mental health problems and/or substance abuse through advocacy, ongoing support, and empowerment. Program participants receive linkages to various supports such as mental health, drug and alcohol treatment, housing referrals, legal services, as well as consultation with FaSST/Connections staff and other agencies, including shelter staff.

FaSST/Connections is hiring for a Resource Coordinator. Read below for information.

This is an in-person, full-time position. Resource coordinators engage with individuals and/or families experiencing homelessness in Philadelphia with a history or present struggle of mental health challenges and/or substance use through advocacy, ongoing support, and empowerment. They are responsible for working alongside participants and any of their present support systems to overcome barriers and reach identified goals which may include but are not limited too: accessing mental health, substance use, or medical treatment, resolving legal issues, obtaining sources of income, connected to education, etc.

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By Kiersten Borkert
Kiersten Borkert Career Counselor