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Design Your Career

Course Overview

Arcadia’s ID125 Design Your Career course is a two-credit course designed to increase awareness of the career planning process and expand understanding of career planning and preparation to achieve your professional goals.

The course emphasizes and prepares students for the following:

  • Developing a solid foundation for major selection and career decision planning through self-assessment
  • Development of career-related documents and career exploration
  • The competitive job market by helping students determine their post-graduation plans

Who should take the course?

  • First-year students who are exploring majors and career paths and beginning to develop professional skills
  • Sophomores & juniors looking for internships and jobs, who need to develop professional skills
  • Seniors preparing for life after college as they look for jobs and work on sharpening professional skills

What will I achieve by taking this course?

You will create and refine your résumé, interview a professional in your career field, research specific job opportunities, and create a vision board with your ideal career path. These activities will help you process every step needed to reach your professional goals.

What will I learn?

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Assess your self-interests, strengths, weaknesses, and marketable qualities
  • Explore careers of interest to you
  • Create your résumé and LinkedIn profile
  • Interview a professional working within your field
  • Present your career vision board and outline your professional goals

When is Design Your Career offered, and who teaches the course?

Check self-service for upcoming classes. Search the course code  “ID125”.

What do students have to say about the course?

  • First Year: “I think first-year students should take this course or be encouraged to do so. It was really very informative. I now understand the importance of making career choices, interviewing, résumés, etc.”
  • Sophomore: “Everyone should take this class! Seriously, this class is extremely valuable. The course helps you develop every other skill you’ll need to get a job after graduation. Whether it’s your résumé, LinkedIn profile, presentation skills, or networking ability, this class helps prepare its students for the professional world. Thanks to this class I’ve been able to be offered some great internships. I am confident this class has better positioned me for my future goals.”
  • Junior: “This class really helped me because I was so unsure of whether my career choice was the right one for me. The course encouraged me to be a better person, student, and future professional. It helped me find my purpose. “
  • Senior: “I believe the Design Your Career course should be required for all students, because of the extremely valuable information it provides. It has personally made my career planning journey so much clearer. I am so happy to have taken it.”
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