Employer Spotlight: Uplift Solutions

Uplift Solutions is Uplift Solutions is a nonprofit organization founded in 2009 with a mission of: “Reducing the barriers for justice involved individuals and at-risk youth, helping them find pathways to long-term success.”

They are running a new class every six weeks for individuals with criminal records. During the six weeks they get life skills, professional development, Case Management, and cashier training. This employer are looking for an Intern/part-time employee to assist their life skills instructor. The internship would be paid. This could also be a part-time job for a student looking to make some extra money while attending classes.

Uplift Solutions Reentry Program
Enon Church 2800 West Cheltenham Ave

Duties include assisting our Life Skills Instructor.
Pay range: Up to $20 per hour

Hours required: We are looking for someone to be available to work 15-25 hours per week, but we can be flexible. We are in the office Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm and Fridays 9am-3pm. Any hours they are available in those time frames would be acceptable.


Please contact Lauren Ruday at 215-939-4537 or lauren.ruday@upliftsolutions.org to apply.

By Alice Song
Alice Song Career Advisor