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Dance And Art Therapy

Have you always loved dance or art? Consider combining your passion with a career in health care. Today, both of these activities are used to help people cope with physical, psychological, or sociological problems.

Dance therapy involves using movement to …

By sarah ennenga - College Recruiter
College Recruiter
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Arden Theatre Co. Professional Apprentice Program Applications Now Open!

Arden Theatre Company is dedicated to bringing to life great stories by great storytellers – on stage, in the classroom and in the community. Arden Theatre Company’s Professional Apprentice Program is an intensive, season-long program that trains future theatre leaders in …

By Maeghan Myers
Maeghan Myers Graduate Student Assistant
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A Day in the Life: Art Director

8:00 AM: Meet with creative director, copywriter, and graphic designer to review layouts for a presentation we’re giving next week to a pharma client. We’re almost there, but some of the images need to be changed. And legal needs to …

By Vault Careers - Firsthand
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Learn How ID125:Strategic Career Planning Helped Madison Costigan

In the February 7, 2022 edition of Arcadia News, student Madison Costigan wrote of their experience in Professor Cynthia Nichols’ Strategic Career Planning course. Professor Nichols is also the Associate Director of Career Education and brings invaluable knowledge and expertise …

By Maeghan Myers
Maeghan Myers Graduate Student Assistant
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Art History/Curatorial Apprenticeship: AH 378

Student apprentices gain practical working experience in the major art historical area or related curatorial field. Working with an apprenticeship…

Internship: FA 387

An internship is working experience in the major studio area. Possibilities include placements with graphic design firms or with individuals…

Entrepreneurship/Gallery Apprenticeship: FA 378

Student apprentices gain practical working experience in the major studio area or related gallery field. Working with an apprenticeship mentor,…

Internship in Art Therapy: AT 365

Opportunity to get firsthand experience in the field of art therapy by working as a volunteer in an agency or…

Career Internship in Theatre Arts: TH 370

Working internship for one semester at a professional theatre, television, or radio station. Prerequisite: junior standing or above.

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