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e3: Career and professional development made easy!

Designed for Arcadia undergraduates, the eCareer Action Plan provides an easy to follow, clear, and step-by-step career exploration and professional development program. Students receive incentives (free swag!) by mail after completing each of the plan’s three levels – Explore, Engage and Embark. Along with newly enhanced career readiness, students who successfully finish all three levels earn an e3 professional development certificate to highlight on a resume, and a cord at graduation.

Through the OCE Community Page on Canvas, e3 career actions are displayed in a suggested sequence to make e3 easy for you to follow. But don’t worry about completing e3 actions in the exact order suggested.

Benefits of e3

  • Reduce confusion on how to figure out your career direction
  • Develop skills to stand out in a global job market
  • Explore career interests and learn about career paths
  • Practice interviewing skills, build a powerful resume, and connect with employers
  • Earn swag incentives to move you along after each level
  • Receive a professional development certificate upon completion to showcase on your resume

Learn how e3 has helped your Peers!

e3 gave me the groundwork to know where I was headed and how to get there. As a student, I didn’t know where to start when it came to preparing for jobs and grad school. I tended to think ‘I don’t need to worry about this yet – I’m only a first-year student, sophomore‘.  I like that e3 is broken down by suggested school year without being so rigid to feel like I am pressured with another due date or deadline – so I could jump around at my own pace. I wish this program would have been around when I was a First-Year and was intimidated by all of the events and expectations of a college student. While the main goal of the e3 Program is building those skills, the incentives weren’t half bad either!”

-BreAnna Gallegos ’19 || Psychology Major

e3 was a great program to lay out, step by step, the tasks I should be completing in order to be prepared to enter the ‘real world’, post-graduation. Some of these tasks were things I already knew I should be doing like preparing a resume and owning business attire, but other tasks like practicing writing a cover letter isn’t something I would have really thought about. Thanks to e3 and the staff in the OCE, I now feel more confident in my abilities to interview, prepare my resume, and effectively engage with employers. The OCE staff was truly professional and caring in helping to walk me through various tasks while providing positive feedback, making all of this a little less scary. ”

-Maeghan Myers ’20 || Psychology Major

“Completing e3 has allowed me to feel more confident and prepared as I apply to jobs. The practice interviews are extremely helpful and really allowed me to figure out what I needed to work on to perfect the interview process. I also appreciate all the help and patience that the career counselors provided while I navigated senior year and the post-graduation job search. The OCE is a great resource to use to prepare for internships and jobs.”

-Bobbie Stein ’20 || Business Administration Major – Marketing concentration

“You can learn new things, and earn free things, with e3! Through the OCE’s resources, participating in networking nights, and completing several practice interviews, I learned how to succeed in a professional interview and to ask thought-provoking questions.  I liked that there were clear, detailed steps directly tied to actions that improved our careers. The sum of my experiences has led me to land my dream job as an HR Analyst at Citigroup in New York City!”

– Sierra Elmore ’19 || Sociology Major

“The process of developing your career profile and beginning the job hunt can be complex and overwhelming at times. The e3 Career Action Plan clarifies the key steps and puts you in contact with the staff around Arcadia who are more than willing to help in any way possible. Going through the plan helps set up a strong base to a promising start with finding internships and after graduation success.”

-Trevor Einwechter ’20 || Accounting Major – Management concentration

The step-by-step action plan allowed me to be confidently equipped with the proper tools used for engaging with employers. I developed an understanding of what employers are looking for in their decision making process.

-Michael McCoy ’21 || Psychology Major

e3 has been a great resource for me as I started thinking more seriously about my life after graduation. Each step is laid out in a very clear manner and I liked that the due dates were flexible so I could complete the program at my own pace. I appreciated all the help and guidance I received from the career counselors while completing e3. I highly recommend e3 for all students who want to learn more about themselves and their future job search.

-Emily St. Germain ’21 || English Major


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